Company Prospectus

Since our founding in 1962 as a trading company, we have specialized in exporting goods to Cambodia and have strived to grow our business in the Asian market. We are continually evolving with the aim of providing services globally. As well as trading we are also expanding into domestic sales, including recent calligraphy and mounting business. Perhaps our biggest achievement has been the importing of calligraphy from China. We remain true to our core principle of providing excellent service by always placing the customer first. We look forward to your feedback as we provide you the best service and support we can offer.

We will consciously contribute to enriching people's lives and culture, through trading, manufacturing and selling of calligraphy.
We will actively work on different enterprises through research and development.
We will strive to provide you with the highest level of quality service so that we may achieve customer satisfaction.

We are seeking to grow our business with the aims of achieving productive business, mutual confidence, and partnership as a specialist company.

1962 June
Established with paid-up capital of 5 million yen as a specialized trading company for exporting goods to Cambodia. Phnom Penh office officially opened in Cambodia.

1966 April
Received best exporter award from the ministry of internal trade and industry ( MITI )

1967 September
Head office moved to previous location.

1968 April
Established Kuala Lumpur office in Malaysia.

1972 December
Paid-up capital increased to 10 million yen.

1973 March
Established Bangkok office in Thailand. Established Vientiane office in Laos. Established joint concern corporation in Vientiane, partnership with Seng Fah Iron Steel Factory, Yodogawa Iron Steel and Marubeni.

1975 March
Established Rangoon office in Burma.

1975 April
Started import trades mainly from China, America and Southeast Asia.

1984 May
Established T&C Japan partnership with Tokyo Minami Sports and C.H.P.Japan.

1988 April
T&C Japan changed name to G.K. Corporation

1989 August
Malaysia, Hong Leong group established joint company in Japan, Malaysia office closed down as a result.

1991 January
Reopened the Phnom Penh office in Cambodia.

1992 September
Established calligraphy retail store in Shinjuku.

1997 December
Expanded the retail store to Nagoya and Yokohama.

1998 September
Started to sell mounting, casing, foreign merchandise and calligraphy wholesale.

1998 October
Started calligraphy products mail order. The store's name changed toキョー和( Kyowa )

2001 July
Opened a new store in Ichikawa.

2002 February
Enhanced the calligraphy store network with an online shop. Acquired custom domain -

2003 October
Introduced broadband network to supervise the sales process

2003 November
Integrated goods control, delivery, mounting, casing in Chiba General Distribution Center constructed in Chiba, Hanamigawa-ku.

2008 July
Expanded the retail store to Sendai.

2010 July
Sendai store moved and renewed it.

2013 April
A calligraphy products is beginning sales on the Internet.

2013 October
Opened a new store in Utsunomiya.

2015 June
Head office transfer registration to "the Chiba synthesis center"
of the company possession, It register and is completed.

2020 August
Tokyo office relocate to the 2nd Floor Kyowa building
of the Ichikawa store.

Trade name
Kyowa Trading Co.,LTD
1962 June 4th
Head office
1503-6 Unayacho, Hanamigawa-ku, Chiba-shi,
Chiba Pref. 262-0003
The Bank of Mitsubishi UFJ.,LTD. Kanda eki-mae branch.
Chairman - Shintaro Watanabe
President - Yutaro Watanabe
Number of employees
Major importing countries
China, America, Australia, Indonesia, Cambodia, Thailand, Taiwan, Korea
Major exporting countries
Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, America, China, Korea
Major Partners
Arkland Sakamot Co., LTD, UNI Living Co., LTD, Honda Industry Co., LTD, California Hawaii Promotion Co., LTD, Kobaien Co., LTD, Daiwakasei Industry Co., LTD, Seiyodo Co., LTD, Choueido Co., LTD, Honoido Co., LTD, Kuretake Co., LTD, Bokuundo Co., LTD, Shanghai East Best Arts & Crafts Co., LTD, China Xuan Paper Group Corporation, Zhejiang Yisheng Arts & Crafts Co., LTD

- Main Products -

Domestic sales
Calligraphy, mounting and casing
Stationary, sports equipment, vehicles and components, interior goods, clothes and sundry goods
Aluminum products, oil chemical goods, used motor cycles and used electric fittings
Business partners
Mogi pharmaceutical Co., LTD
CHP Japan
G.K. Corporation

- Type of Business -

Building material
Heavy industrial machinery, industrial equipment, various tools
Agricultural vehicles and components
Steel manufacturing
Various vehicles and components
Electrical fittings and appliances
Medical implements and physics and chemistry implements
Medicine and remedies, veterinary medicine, chemicals, industrial chemicals and agricultural chemicals
Wood and paper
Cotton papers, artificial yarn and textile goods
Cosmetics and commodities
Used cars, used building material and components
Foods and liquors
Precious metals and jewellery
Sports equipment and machinery
Calligraphy products
Ichikawa Head office
5-10-7 Minamiyawata,
Ichikawa-shi, Chiba Pref. 272-0023
Tel : +81-47-314-6002 Fax : +81-47-314-6004

Shinjuku branch
2-21-23 Hyakunincho,
Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo Met. 169-0073
Tel : +81-3-3367-4451 Fax : +81-3-3367-4453

Yokohama branch
Tokiwacho Arai bldg.4F, 2-17 Tokiwacho,
Naka-ku, Yokohama-shi,
Kanagawa Pref. 231-0014
Tel : +81-45-641-8320 Fax : +81-45-641-8353

Nagoya branch
KURI bldg. 2F, 4-2-10 Sakae,
Naka-ku, Nagoya-shi, Aichi Pref. 460-0008
Tel : +81-52-263-9401 Fax : +81-52-263-9408

Ichikawa branch
5-10-7 Minamiyawata,
Ichikawa-shi, Chiba Pref. 272-0023
Tel : +81-47-314-0044 Fax : +81-47-378-1199

Sendai branch
Siero Hirose-dori bldg.2F, 2-10-20 Chuo,
Aoba-ku, Sendai-shi, Miyagi Pref. 980-0021
Tel : +81-22-262-3861 Fax : +81-22-263-6835

Utsunomiya branch
Abitashion 1F, 3-6-1 Higashishukugo,
Utsunomiya-shi,Tochigi Pref. 321-0953
Tel : +81-28-610-1139 Fax : +81-28-634-9590

Kyowa Arts Division
(in Chiba General Distribution Center)

1503-6 Unayacho, Hanamigawa-ku, Chiba-shi,
Chiba Pref. 262-0003
Tel : +81-43-298-5351 Fax : +81-43-298-5353

Kyowa Logistics Division
(in Chiba General Distribution Center)

1503-6 Unayacho, Hanamigawa-ku, Chiba-shi,
Chiba Pref. 262-0003
Tel : +81-43-298-6333 Fax : +81-43-298-5353

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